Changing the Mushroom Cultivation Game

About Us

Mykoprisma is creating an autonomous mushroom-growing device that maintains ideal conditions for mushroom cultivation, making it accessible to growers of all skill levels.

This project benefits users by creating healthy, cheap, and nutritious food while also being environmentally beneficial by removing the carbon cost of growing mushrooms elsewhere and transporting them to consumers.

At the present time, there are a few options on the market that serve this purpose. Mykoprisma containers will create and maintain an optimal environment for mushroom growing in an enclosure small enough to fit on a countertop.

Live Mushroom Feed!

These are Oyster Mushrooms currently growing in the Engineering Hall at George Washington University.

Environmental Readings

Temperature: --°C / --°F

Humidity: --%

CO2 Levels: -- ppm

Measurement Time (EST): --:--:--

Current Working Prototype

Users can view the grow container and manually control the actuator system. Profiles of ideal growing conditions for popular mushrooms can also be selected.

Schematics and Design

Anatomy of the Network-Based Control System

The system is based around a REST API implemented in Node.js. The ESP polls the server at regular intervals, exchanging measurement values for control commands.

Project Timeline

Meet the Team

Henry Mackay

Henry Mackay

Henry is a senior studying Electrical Engineering at George Washington University. He is primarily focused on designing physical control circuits as well as the REST API backend in Node.js. He has a background in cybersecurity that enables him to design versatile systems with an exploit awareness.

Henry's Personal Site

Alicia Ha

Alicia is a senior majoring in Computer Engineering at George Washington University. She combines her passion for graphic design and background in programming to work on both the overall design and front-end development of the website.

Kessa Crean

Kessa is a senior at George Washington University pursuing a major in Computer Engineering and a minor in Computer Science. Her project contributions include microcontroller programming and the management of intra-device communication using the I2C protocol. She also works on the physical CAD design of the enclosure.